Humanoids and Intelligence Systems Lab - Institute for Anthropomatics and Robotics



Create phyiscal simulations easily through IPSA which combines the OpenInventor 3D API with the Open Dynamics Engine (ODE). Scenes are read from .iv files and simulated in the supplied viewer applications.


A platform-independent robot simulation and motion planning toolbox consisting of three modules: VirtualRobot to simulate and visualize robots, Saba-MPL the sampling-based motion planning library and GraspStudio for grasp planning.


The library OpenMMM is intended for scientists and engineers who need to handle a variety types of motions and (biomechanical) models.

Integrating Vision Toolkit (IVT)

The Integrating Vision Toolkit (IVT) is a powerful and fast C++ computer vision library with an easy-to-use object-oriented architecture. It offers its own multi-platform GUI toolkit. OpenCV is integrated optionally.